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 Vermont, New England States and Northern New York



 ServSafe® Certification just for you

Now that you’re browsing web pages check out attractive
options simplifying certification process.

Consider what feels right and suits you best,
schedule, cost, time and flexibility

Important FAQ’S

  • One day ServSafe® is most popular
  • Consider an all-inclusive Retreat session for stress free relaxation
  • Sessions at Café Provence Bistro Brandon VT.
  • Minimum of six participants required.
  • Convenient two half day sessions
  • Submit payment with registration form
  • Include VT. tax, shipping & handling
  • Payment due two weeks prior to selected session
  • Books not mailed without pre-payment
  • Some sessions may include book with exam answer sheet
  • Client prefers session at business site
  • Allow two-three days to receive book with
    answer sheet if included in fee?
  • Online exam requires computer and Wi-Fi
    availability at location.
  • Exam answer sheets issued in class
  • Exam answer sheets Tax $3.00ea.
  • ServSafe Manager Book Tax $5.40ea.
  • ServSafe Coursebook Tax $6.55ea.
  • Sessions 8:00am finish 4:30-5:00pm



 ServSafe® Food Handler


Excellent training session for current front and back of house and entry level culinary team associates.

Session enlightens participants to grasp techniques of food safety throughout flow of food

Food Handler Book includes Accomplishment Certificate as part of back cover

Instructor validates certificate upon completion of session and 40 question test


Brandon only minimum Ten participants
Client locations at additional expenses


Fee: $50.00pp plus Tax, S&H



ServSafe® Class Options

During my active years, I realized many professional
couldn’t attend sessions together; someone always
had to stay behind as MOD.


Now with conveniently arranged and tailored session’s
team professionals with erratic schedules can easily
achieve ServSafe® Certification status.

Individuals and Client groups self-purchase preferred study
and material; attend scheduled session or just take exam


Fees only: $99.00pp unless otherwise noted,
plus applicable tax, S&H
. Brandon locations only
Client locations at additional fees.


  Proctor Client's ServSafe Online Examinations

Individual self-purchases seat voucher at
for online exam.

Client responsible to arrange exam date and time one week prior
to private session.

Must have computer and Wi-Fi at location  


 Purchases Online Study with Online Exam

Individual self-purchases online study version through along with seat voucher for online exam.

Professional is responsible to arrange exam date and time
one week prior to scheduled session or private exam.


  Study Book at home and prefers Paper Exam

Scheduling hampers client to attend full day session and
decides to self-purchase book and study in comfort of home
is best option.

Once confident registers and attends a scheduled session,
arrive and just take exam or private session.


 Have New or Used Book only require Answer Sheet


Professional self-purchases paper exam answer sheet
from vendor, registers into a scheduled session, attends
class or just take exam or private exam


 Have both Book and Exam Answer Sheet


Not a problem! Registers into any scheduled 
ServSafe® session, attends class or arrive and just
take exam or arrange private exam

  Study Online and prefers Paper Exam Class

  Professional Self-purchases online study through
with paper exam answer sheet

Register into any scheduled session, attend
or arrive and just take exam or private exam


  Prefers Studying Book and take Online Exam

Professional purchases book and seat voucher from
for online exam

Client arranges exam date and time with proctor one week
prior to session preferred or request private exam.

  Have Exam Answer Sheet and Borrows Book

Voila! Perfect situation professional has exam answer
sheet and request borrowing book.

Client attends any scheduled session or arrives to
just take exam or private exam.

  Fee $109.00pp plus book S&H



  Popular One Day ServSafe®

First Time Certification, Re-Certification or Re-testing


Most popular is one day session, uses paper exam
for professionals employed in Food Service,
Food Retail, and Farm to Plate Enterprises,
Farmer Markets, all individuals who Purchase,
Prepares and Serves Food to patrons.

Class advantage has luxury asking Instructor to clarify a concern is awesome



The ServSafe® Manager Book with Answer Sheet, 7th edition, reflects changing needs of a diverse and expanding workforce; food safety topics are presented in a user-friendly, practical way with real-world stories to help readers understand the day-to-day importance of food safety.


The streamlined delivery of food safety content will create a learning experience that is activity-based and easily comprehended by a variety of learners.

Minimum class attendance required


Fee: only $179.00pp plus tax, plus S&H,
Convenient yet more expensive option.



 ServSafe® using Course Book


The ServSafe® Course Book with Answer Sheet 7th edition contains comprehensive coverage of key food safety concepts, book will completely prepare readers for ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam; and, more importantly, it will promote adherence to food safety practices in the workplace.


Food safety has never been more important to the restaurant industry and its customers focusing on preventative measures to keep food safe.

Featuring expanded sections on food defense,
high-risk populations, active managerial control,
and crisis management.

Session best for proprietors, management, executive chefs, chefs and professionals purchasing and preparing patron meals

Minimum attendance required

Fee: Only $219.00pp plus Tax, S&H, convenient yet more expensive option  



Time tight?

Register into any regular ServSafe® certification session,
fee includes answer sheet for use with exam booklet

No Book included, attend class or just arrive in time for exam.

Fee: $139.00pp plus Tax, S&H

Fee: $99.00pp self-purchases material


Best to re-test within 30 days of prior exam

Register into any regular ServSafe® certification session,
fee includes exam answer sheet for use with exam booklet,
attend any scheduled session and just arrive in time to take exam.

Fee: $139.00pp plus Tax, S&H
Fee: $99.00pp self-purchases material


  Half Day Sessions

Tailored to conveniently accommodate food service
and food retail professionals with hectic schedules 
preferring to attend a live session


Two Consecutive Half Day morning sessions


Client self-purchases book of choice with paper exam
answer sheet


Minimum six participants


Fee: $159.00


  Group Sessions


Registering five or less team members?
Its most cost efficient having associates attend
pre-scheduled sessions in Brandon

Individual or Client’s self-purchases choice of ServSafe®
Book with exam answer sheets.


Midweek session: $99.00pp
Weekend session: $149.00pp



 Private Group sessions, Brandon Location


Registering 6-8 or more team member’s most popular
arrangement is one day
session at Café Provence in Brandon


Client responsible to self-purchase ServSafe® Book of
choice with paper exam answer sheet.


Midweek session: $99.00pp
Weekend session: $149.00pp




 Private Group Session at Client’s Location


Client self-purchases choice of book with paper exam answer sheet

Additional fees include travel time, lodging, meals, mileage,
set-up and breakdown time for equipment.

Minimum six participants required

Midweek session: $99.00pp
Weekend session: $149.00pp




Brandon Retreat Session

Retreat prix-fixe session offers excitement while away
from office or cuisine, fee includes ServSafe® Course Book
with paper exam answer sheet at one price

Fee includes applicable taxes and gratuities

Retreat’s best for professionals especially those appreciating
a getaway from daily business activities.

Retreat activities commences with welcoming session, coffee,
fresh baked in house pastries, mid-morning and afternoon short
breaks offering hot and cold beverages with pastries and treats
from Gourmet Provence; luncheon off menu at Café Provence.


 Only out of pocket expense is libations, other meals,
bottled wines or special gifts purchased

Post session enjoy free time, not included in fee, kick back
conversing with newly acquired friends in 21 Center Street
Pub and Grill

Sessions start at 8:00am finished by 6:00pm

Retreat registrations are open and private 

Fees include applicable taxes and gratuity

Midweek fee: $269.00pp
Weekend fee: $309.00pp


Minimum attendance of six required



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