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ServSafe® Certification

      Food Handler Sessions


Vermont, New England States and Northern New York



ServSafe® one day and retreat sessions are held at the Café Provence Bistro located in Brandon VT. Minimum of six participants required.


Pre-Payment check with registration form and Vermont Tax due at minimum two weeks prior to session requested. No books mailed out without pre-payment received.

ServSafe or SURE Book at $5.40, Courebook at $6.65 and Answer Sheet at $3.20

Download form at under register tab. Allow three days to receive book with enclosed answer sheet.



ServSafe® Food Handler

Corner Stone Building Strong Business Assets


Training guide offers abridged material taken from ServSafe® Manager Books into team building corner stone’s kick starting a learning curve for entry level and existing associates enhancing future culinary professional endeavors.


Past training sessions has enlightened many participants to immediately continue forward enrolling into ServSafe Certification classes.


Food Handler Guide has pre-printed Accomplishment Certificate as part of back cover allowing Instructor to validate upon completion of session after student satisfactory completes a forty question test.



Open and Private registration, Minimum Ten participants required.


Session will be held at the popular Café Provence Bistro in Brandon or Client’s business location at additional fees

Interested contact Norm?
Email or

Fee: $50.00pp plus tax. Includes current Food Handler Book with attached Achievement Certificate.



ServSafe One Day 8.5 hour Sessions

 First Time Certification, Re-Certification or Re-testing


Using ServSafe® Manager Book with Certification Exam Answer Sheet is most popular session for Food Service and Food Retail professionals.

Book offers well-presented chapters that reader builds confidence and usually successfully succeeds? However never any guarantees.

Minimum attendance required


Class Fee: only $189.00pp plus tax

Minimum attendance required





Following Options offer two Certification Classes using ServSafe Coursebook original workhorse of Food Safety Training


 One Day ServSafe with Coursebook


Coursebook bolsters 15 chapters with intense additional in-depth material is ideal for Facility Owners, Executive Chefs and Top Management.

Book commands additional fee however classes are basically identical to Manager Book and participant attends any class.

You’re call on best book to purchase


Class Fee: Only $229.00plus tax

Minimum attendance required



Special Retreat Session

Retreat session is best for Facility Owners, Executive Chefs, Chefs,Management, Supervisors and all Individual Food Service and Food Retail professionals.

Session uses ServSafe® Coursebook with answer sheet for use with examination.


Retreat session includes morning and breaks hot and cold beverages, fresh baked pastries from Gourmet Provence, lunch off menu at Café Provence Bistro, welcome by proprietor Chef Robert and includes applicable taxes and gratuity.

No out of pocket expense except libations, other meals, bottled wines or gifts purchased

Certification session starts 8:00am and finished by 6:00pm.

Prix-Fixe mid-week: Only $259.00pp plus tax

Prix-Fixe Weekend day: Only $309.00pp plus tax


Minimum attendance required



ServSafe Session using SURE Food Manager Manual


SURE Food Manager Manual

Includes Certification with enclosed ServSafe® answer sheet for examination.

Information is identical material as ServSafe® book.

Manual is easier to read, understand and retain for Food Service and Food Retail professionals to feel confident taking examination.

Minimum class participants required

Class fee: $189.00pp plus tax.


Regular ServSafe® Session with On-Line Exam

Deigned for students who prefer reading his/her book at leisure and take exam online.

Participant is responsible to notify instructor/proctor of exam preference when registering.
Student must provide computer or reserve one at Brandon library.


Proctor Service: $189.00pp


Private Online Exam

Proctoring service for student that prefers purchasing online study course and exam seat voucher direct from

Student is responsible to request exam date and time also provide computer or reserve one at Brandon library.


Proctor Service: $129.00pp available mid-week only




Attend a regular ServSafe® certification session includes answer sheet, NO BOOK attend class or just take exam.

Midweek sessions:
$149.00pp plus tax


Attend a regular ServSafe® certification session of just take exam Includes exam answer sheet, suggest re-testing within 30 days.

Fee: $149.00 pp plus state tax


 Convenient Multiple Day or Evening Sessions 


Two Consecutive Half Day morning or afternoon sessions
$229.00 pp. plus tax. Minimum six participants


Three Consecutive Four Hour morning or afternoon sessions
Fee: $269.00 pp, plus tax. Minimum six participants


Four consecutive weeks Three Hour Day or Evening Sessions

Fee: $299.00 pp. plus tax. Minimum eight participants



 Private and Open Group Certification Sessions


Note with five or less team members its most cost efficient to have associates attend pre-scheduled sessions in Brandon

Minimum six participants required

Midweek session:
$189.00pp plus tax

Weekend session:
$249.00pp plus tax


Lodging available at Rosebelle's Inn,



Private Group, most popular arrangement is one day session at client’s facility, Café Provence in Brandon or other preferred location.

Minimum six participants required, plus applicable taxes and travel expenses


Midweek session: $189.00pp plus tax

Weekend session: $249.00pp plus tax



Private Group with over six participants requires client to purchase preferred class book separately for team members.
Book vendors list will be available.


Training to excel initiates fixed fee plus sliding scale for additional attendees, applicable taxes, lodging, meals and travel expenses to maintain cost effectiveness.


 Private Online Group Session

Proctor service conveniently tailored to accommodate client’s professional team scheduling at his/her facility or other preferred location.

Client must pre-purchase ServSafe® online study course and seat vouchers directly through

Client is responsible to arrange private examination date and time with instructor and provide computers and Wi-Fi availability.

Proctor Service:
$129.00pp plus travel expenses incurred  


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