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Norm Milot, Training to Excel via e-mail or call 802.247.0098 phone answered as Rosebelle’s Inn and Training to Excel.

Finally download registration form for scheduled class requested with check including class fee plus applicable tax noted on form.

Once check is received I’ll forward a ServSafe® 6th Edition Revised Managers Book, The SURE Food Manager Manual or HACCP books with exam answer sheet attached

Norm Milot via e-mail, telephone or fill out registration form and forward with check as full payment to address below.

Application Download

Need assistance? Unable to download registration form call 802.247.0098 and I’ll forward an email a copy

Registrants Take note: Refund/Cancellation Policy

Without prior notification received or “no call no show” or calls to re-schedule less than seven (7) prior to session, a $50.00 re-registration fee will be required prior to attending another class within three months of original class date.

Should you contact Training to Excel at minimum seven (7) days or longer prior to re-scheduled ServSafe® or HACCP session no additional fees is required; however delaying multiple times will incur an additional fee of $50.00 per occurrence.

In the event a ServSafe® or HACCP session is cancelled by Training to Excel due to inclement weather or low attendance another convenient session will be scheduled or you may attend any pre-scheduled session of choice at no additional incurred fees.

All sales final over 90 days from original registered class date.



Please Take Note

Registration form with full payment must be received at minimum two weeks prior to scheduled class.

Upon receipt ServSafe® 6th Edition Revised Managers Book will be forwarded via UPS or USPS immediately.

It is strongly suggested you read managers book prior to class, also answering all quiz and problem questions.

Not reading ServSafe® Managers Book class could potentially hinder passing examination.

During class I'll be showing six true ife experiences DVD’S that contains 95% of material in book plus additional information. 

You will also receive an 80 question diagnostic test, plus another 40 question test.

Try your best to answer all questions as you read through book, bring these test into class.

Additionally I’ll also forward 10 quizzes with answers attached and 3 or more problems to solve these also will include answers

In class we’ll also have a question and answer session plus time to discuss each participants actual experiences


Mail address:
Training to Excel Norm Milot
31 Franklin Street
Brandon, Vermont

Telephone: 802.247.0098 answered by Rosebelle's Inn and Training to Excel






             Food Protection Principals


Class Applicants: must forward 1/2 payment with registration form two weeks prior to scheduled class and remaining balance on day of class.

Cell phones and electronic devices:
not allowed during class or examination.

Classes: held at Cafe Provence Cooking School, Public Library, BACC Conference Room or Rosebelle’s Inn located in Brandon VT.

ServSafe®: examination requires passing grade of 75% score and certificates now downloaded through NRAEF and valid five years.

HACCP Sessions: examination requires passing grade of 70% score and certificates issued through Instruis Publishing Company and valid four years.

 Online Study and Exam: Examinee is responsible to purchase on line study plus seat voucher number; and provide computer or reserve computer station at Brandon public library.

Online Exam: Examinee must contact instructor with date requested, once date is agreed upon student must take electronic exam that day or forfeit fee. Re-scheduling will be required at additional fee.

Regular in Class Course with Online Examination: Participant can attend any class with his/her book that includes an online voucher attached.

Student responsible: to notify instructor when registering for online examination, once ordered no changes allowed without additional expense. Student must provide his/her computer.

Special Group sessions: Client is responsible for purchasing books with either paper exam or online seat voucher’s.

Facility locations: client is responsible to provide audio and visual equipment, snacks, beverages and meals for attendees.

Weekend scheduling: available at additional fees for groups and private sessions with guaranteed minimum of six participants.

Group Fees exclude:
instructor’s potential lodging, meals, mileage and other related travel expenses incurred

Group Sessions: must forward registration form for requested session with payment check three weeks prior to requested session

Questions? Call 802.247.0098*

*answered by Rosebelle's Inn ask for Norm



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